Monday, 17 November 2014

Detailed Rich Communications Services Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Research Beam adds a report titled “Rich Communications Services (RCS): Market Opportunities and Forecast 2013 – 2018”. The report states that the global RCS market has huge opportunities to explore in the coming years.

Rich communication services (RCS) is the modern day communication technology that helps the users to communicate through instant messages or chats, files sharing and live video chat through various devices on their preferred network. RCS technology enables the users with enhanced phonebook, messaging (instant chats & file sharing) and calls (live video call across the globe).

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The report provides extensive knowledge on the various segments of the RCS technology. The report also provides significant information of the latest market trend, technological advancements and various other factors influencing the growth of the market in different geographical regions across the globe.

The report states that many corporate giants are investing in this market due to this growing profit revenues. The report also profiles some of the leading players of the global RCS market in order to provide an overview of the competitive structure of the market.

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Table of Contents:

Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) 5
The Benefits of “Dialable” VoIP 5
Rich Communications Service (RCS) 7
RCS is a Value-added Service (VAS) 7
RCS/joyn® 8
Release Standards and joyn 10
RCS/joyn® Status 11
Issues and Challenges with RCS/joyn 12
RCS without joyn 13
RCS Technical and Business Issues 15
Overview 15
RCS and IMS 16
RCS Use Cases 16
Core RCS Feature Functionality 18
Rich Calls 18
Rich Messaging 19
RCS and Video 19
Enhanced Address Book 20
Future RCS Functionality and Applications 21
RCS in Mobile Commerce 21
RCS and Cloud Storage/Access 24
RCS and LTE Direct 25
RCS Market Analysis and Forecasts 25
RCS/joyn Revenue Forecasts 26
RCS Market Drivers 28
RCS vs. OTT Applications 28
No Cost and Low Cost VoIP 29
No Cost and Low Cost Texting 29
OTT Service Provider Comparative Analysis 30
Mobile Network Operators (MNO) versus OTT Players 31
MNO and OTT Coexistence? 33
RCS and Enterprise Customers 34
RCS and Social 36
RCS Industry Support 38
RCS and other VAS Enablers 38

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