Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Detailed Mobile Commerce Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Report Overview

Research Beam adds a report titled “Top Revenue Mobile Commerce Applications 2015 – 2020”. The report provides precise market intelligence and information of the varied market dynamics including trends factors influencing the growth of the market and also market forecast during 2015-2020.

Mobile commerce refers to the solutions and technologies that enables the access to electronic commerce through mobile or wireless devices. The growing demand for smartphones, phablets, tablets, wearable devices, etc. has great potentials for the mobile commerce market worldwide. 

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The report provides an extensive source of information for its end-users which include Handset & Tablet Manufacturers, Content & Applications Aggregators, OSS/BSS Solution Providers, Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers, Mobile Software Developers, Mobile Marketing & Advertising Providers, Mobile Payment Service Providers, Wireless Privacy & Security Specialists and Mobile Network Operators.

The report consists of in-depth analysis of the various market trends and factors influencing the growth of the market across various geographical regions. The report would help in identifying leading mobile commerce apps.

The report is a useful source of information for the market investors to evaluate the emerging and potential application opportunities worldwide. It would also assist in evaluating the varied mobile commerce market dynamics. The report consist of a detailed explanation of the mobile commerce business models.

The report further provides analysis of the competitive environment of the mobile commerce market. The report would help in evaluating the leading companies of the mobile commerce market and the business strategies adopted by those companies.

Table of contents:
1 Chapter 1: Introduction 8
1.1 Executive Summary 8
1.2 Topics Covered 9
1.3 Target Audience 10
1.4 Companies Mentioned 11

2 Mobile Commerce Overview 14
2.1 Mobile Commerce Applications 15
2.1.1 Mobile Money Transfer 16
2.1.2 Mobile Ticketing 17
2.1.3 Mobile Vouchers, coupons and Loyalty Cards  17
2.1.4 Content Purchasing 17
2.1.5 Information Services 17
2.1.6 Mobile Banking 18
2.1.7 Mobile Brokerage  18
2.1.8 Mobile Online Auctions 19
2.1.9 Physical Goods Purchasing 19
2.1.10 In Application Mobile Payments 19
2.1.11 Mobile Advertising 20
2.2 Virtual Goods 20
2.2.1 Virtual Products 21
2.2.2 Music Purchases 22
2.2.3 Applications Purchases 22
2.2.4 Online Games Virtual Goods Purchases 23
2.3 Mobile Commerce Technologies 25
2.3.1 Mobile Client Device Technologies and Issues 26
2.4 Mobile Commerce Application Analysis 26

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