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Detailed Tin Industry Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

About Global and China Tin Industry
Research Beam adds a report titled “Global and China Tin Industry Research Report 2014-2018.” The report provides deep insights on the market dynamics and growth prospects of the Tin market across the globe.

The report states that the global output for refined tin was 334,700 in 2013, also many of the major producers in the refine tin industry decreased the outputs to different degrees across various geographical regions, excluding China, Belgium and Brazil.

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The report on the Tin industry is a comprehensive study, which provides detail information of the various market segments and also profiles the five major companies operating in the tin industry. Some of the major profiled companies are China Tin Group Co., Ltd, Yunnan Tin Company Limited, Yunnan Chengfeng Non-Ferrous Metals Co. Ltd, etc.

The production output from the top ten manufacturers in the tin industry across the globe accounted for 74.32% of the total output of global Tin market in 2013. For the same year, the market’s top four manufacturers’ production in the refined tin industry was 152,500 t, accounting for 45.56% of the total global output of refined tin. The top four manufacturing companies of refined tin include PTTimah in Indonesia, MSC in Malaysia, Minsur in Peru and Yunnan Tin Company Limited in China.

The output of tin industry in China for the year 2013 reached 158,500 t, registering an increase of 7.02% over the previous year. The rise in production in 2013 was mainly due to the output from the three largest tin production provinces in China i.e. Hunan, Yunnan and Jiangxi. The total output of tin from these three major provinces in China accounted for 91.3% of the total output of tin from the Chinese market.

As per the report, the market data for Jan-Sep. 2014 shows that the tin production output in China reached 132,300 t, registering an increase of 20.3% over the previous year. The emergence of Inner Mongolia becoming one of the major provinces for the production of tin has led to some differences in the production area distribution as of 2013.

The increasing demand for tin in China in the recent years has led the government to reinforce the protection for these rare resources. China has imposed 10% of the export tariff on the refined tin segment since the year 2008 due to which the export quota in China is decreasing every year. In addition to which China has turned to be the net importing country for refined tin. The decreasing export volume of tin in Indonesia might influence the tin import volume in China.

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