Thursday, 29 January 2015

Detailed Global Cloud Business-to-Business Services Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Report Overview

Research Beam adds a report titled “Global Cloud Business-to-Business Services for the Enterprise 2014 – 2019” As per the report, the global cloud Business-to-Business services for enterprises market is expected to reach $223B USD by 2019.

The growing need to improve operational efficiency and continuous modernization of the IT infrastructure by the enterprises is heavily driving the growth of the cloud B2B services for the enterprises. Also, the ability to focus on businesses’ core competencies while cloud service enables the businesses to reduce the product and services’ life cycle cost, is another factor driving the growth of the global market.

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Additionally, virtualization, software defined data centers and Cloud based infrastructure are the major drivers for the future of enterprises’ IT infrastructure, subsequently driving the growth of the cloud business-to-business services for the enterprises.

Large enterprises have been more cautious with data sharing and prefer private solutions; whereas, small and medium scale organizations tend to prefer multi-tenant solutions. Furthermore, the global market is also witnessing the emerging trend where big enterprises in joint ventures with other organizations, are adapting shared hosting.

All enterprises across the globe are adapting different types of solutions, whether be hybrid, private or public. The rising security issues among the financial service enterprises including many other sectors are leading towards a rapid growth of the global cloud business-to-business services for enterprises.

The report on the global cloud business-to-business services for enterprises market is a comprehensive study, drafted with an aim to provide the readers with deep knowledge of the latest and emerging market trends and also the various factors influencing the growth of the global market.

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The report would help in understanding the various benefits and also the pitfalls of the multi-tenant solutions. It would also help in evaluating the opportunities of shared infrastructure for enterprise solutions and also understand the factors affecting enterprise cloud services and enterprise cloud infrastructure implementation & operation strategies.

The report also profiles some of the leading companies from the global market and provides a detailed overview of the competitive environment in the global cloud business-to-business services for enterprises market.

The report is designed specifically for companies operating in telecom and database services. The report is a valuable source of market information for telecom service providers, datacenter services companies, telecom managed service providers, API management companies, cloud & virtualization vendors, wireless/mobile infrastructure providers, enterprise infrastructure & service providers and cloud infrastructure & service providers.

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