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MRI Market Report 2014 - Intense Competition Leads to Develop More Efficient MRI Systems

Report Overview

Magnetic resonance imaging or popularly known as MRI is a technology used for physical and anatomical investigation of the human body. MRIs are mainly used for diagnosing diseases in an individual by medical officers in the hospital.

MRI scanners restricts the use of any ionizing radiation during the diagnosing process. It creates a detailed image of the tissues and organs in the human body by the means of strong radio waves and magnetic field. In clinical applications, MRI is used for clinical neurology and cardiology and also to detect cancer and soft tissues damage. 

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Research Beam adds a report titled “Global MRI Systems Market 2014-2018.” The report states that the global market for MRI systems is expected to register a CAGR of 6.48% during the forecast period i.e. 2013-2018.

The report is a valuable source of information for the manufacturers or concerned businesses and market investors to understand the growth prospects of the global market in the coming years. The study provides detail knowledge of the varied aspects of the MRI systems market such as definition, types, application, product specification, technologies, geographies and competitive landscape.

The report classifies the overall MRI systems market into product types as open MRI systems and closed MRI systems. On the basis of MRI field strength, the report further classifies the product segment into Low-field, Mid-field and High-field MRI Systems.

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The global MRI system market is driven by the continuous updates and advancement in the MRI technology. Also, the strong competition between the key players from the global MRI market would penetrate the need for more efficient MRI systems, which would further propel the global market’s growth. However, the major challenge is that the MRI system market is a refurbished and re-used market, which could possible hamper its growth.

The report on global MRI system market is a comprehensive study on the global market with detail analysis of the market dynamics form various geographical regions such as APAC, America and EMEA. The report also profiles the key vendors form the global MRI systems market. It would help the readers with incisive knowledge of the competitive scenario of the global market.

Companies profiled in the report are Advanced Imaging Research, GE Healthcare, Bruker, Hitachi Medical, Philips Healthcare, Mindray, Toshiba Medical Systems, Aurora Imaging Technology, Esaote, Biophan Technologies, Fonar, Siemens Healthcare and LMT Medical Systems.

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