Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What is the current size of the fertilizer market in the top 5 European countries?

Research Beam adds a report titled "Fertilizer Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2019 - Market Size, Development, and Forecasts” that provides detailed information of the Fertilizer Industry. The report is an excellent piece of study for investors who are looking towards the market.
Zuari disclosed that the company is looking to raise approximately $ 900 mn to fuel a fertilizer plant located in UAE. The company reveals that the funds would empower them to go a long way enabling them to emerge as a global fertilizer market player. The fertilizer segment in nations including United Kingdom, France, Ukraine Germany and Turkey are experiencing a significant momentum, marked by huge investments rolling in; corporate acquisitions and mergers; regulatory changes and so on. Positive advancements in these aforementioned countries, have surfaced their fertilizer segment and made the optimum usage of the capabilities as well as institutional framework to establish their trade rules.

Countries such as Turkey, Ukraine and France have agreed mandate that are designed on progressive global standards , yet most local regulatory procedures for crop inputs are highly overstretched. Early this month, the Chase Organics, a UK based fertilizer company decided to sell seaweed in China. Mike Hedges the founder at Chase Organics says, "Seaweed can withstand boiling hot sun and frozen seas, and grows very quickly. In the same way that humans are what they eat, plants absorb these characteristics from seaweed fertilizer, growing stronger roots and giving a better yield and quality of crop." Recently Research Beam has added a report titled “Fertilizer Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2019 - Market Size, Development, and Forecasts.” As per the report the private competition pertaining to the fertilizer supply would undergo a drastic transformation in the coming four to five years.

Such initiatives, balances regional and international trade relationships. Furthermore the steps taken by companies like Chase Organics offers a positive reasons for local and global tie – ups on seeds as well as fertilizer. In considerable achievements of local co-operation, new regional mandates are now in place. To conclude several nations are now considering elimination of long dominating business obstacles such as mounting price of speciality fertilizer, salt accumulation in the soil and storage challenges.

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