Sunday, 28 June 2015

Blood Testing Technology Market Grow With Diseases Turning Deadly

Demand for running lab tests with a single drop of blood has become a game changer in medical testing technology. Today, increasing need for cheap screening test for cancer; a baby’s genetic structure before birth; test for depression and estimation of a person’s age within 9 years from the sample collected, among others calls for a breakthrough in the blood testing technology. In a recent instance, scientists at the famous ‘Brain Injury Research Centre’ are heard making progress to gauge the severity of a brain injury. The scientists intend to do so by detecting proteins and various other molecules released in the blood soon after a head injury. 

Furthermore, in another discovery BAT or basophil activation test was found useful in counting the number of activated basophil immune cells when exposed to a certain food. Medical professionals believe that this blood testing technology would be soon favoured for diagnosing different food allergies. On the other hand the skin prick blood tests by type that are believed to rise through 2014 to 2020 include the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Complete Blood Count, tests to determine risk of heart diseases and Basic Metabolic Panel. In a recent report added by Research Beam titled “Global Blood Testing Technologies Market (Type, Technology, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2014 – 2020,” the blood testing market in terms of hospitals, diagnostic centres and homes would observe great proceeds through 2014 -2020. 

In addition, United States and Canada that observe several Alzheimer cases each year, has finally received a hope of the probability of an early detection by counting the protein level in the blood. Meanwhile advancements in blood testing for finding every virus a man has in USA; testing Mers in South Korea and identifying breast cancer Copenhagen shows a great prospects for blood testing technology across LAMEA, North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Eyeing the expanding blood testing technology market both government bodies and   investors are seen rolling out funds to change the way human blood is drawn and tested. 

With Texas A&M Health Science Centre’s initiative to develop quick and accurate testing ways drawing funds from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and an attempt to detect over 1000 virus strains from a single drop of blood getting an attention of the National Institutes Of Health the future of the blood testing technology looks promising.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Detailed Global Zinc Bromide Industry -Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Research Beam adds a report titled “Global Zinc Bromide Industry 2015 Deep Market Research Report”. The report offers provides comprehensive insight into manufacturing processes of top market players, import-export consumption, competitive landscape of the top companies, their capacity utilization and their market status in key geographical regions such as US, EU, China and Japan. The report with the help of various statistical analysis tools provides valuable data on manufacturing process, cost structure, market size and share, revenue margins of top companies in the aforementioned countries.

The study prepared by marketing analysts with the support of industry experts offers a detailed insight on raw materials sourcing analysis in terms of region and R&D status and technology of major vendors. The report offers data and statistics on production price cost production value analysis based on various geographical regions such as US, EU, China and Japan.

The report makes an in-depth feasibility analysis of various marketing channels which would help new entrant industry to devise their marketing strategy. The stakeholders would glean through the report to get a definitive guide on the prospects and challenges faced by the leading companies. The report takes a closer look at the industry development trends and offers an overview of the market channel and feasibility analysis of new projects. The study would help the investors to identify lucrative investment pockets and accordingly devise their strategies.

Using SWOT analysis the report offers an insight into the potentiality of top buyers and sellers which helps to understand new project investment feasibility analysis.

Detailed Global Sodium Chloride Industry -Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Research Beam adds a report titled “Global Sodium Chloride Industry 2015 Market Research Report”. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of key market drivers and restraints, current and future market growth prospects, business profiles of leading market players along with the detailed market segmentation. The study prepared with the help of industry experts with valuable inputs form industry players offers an insight into the current and future trends in countries such as Japan, China, United States, and Germany across major geographical regions such as North America, Europe and Asia.

The all-inclusive study offers detailed analysis of the dominant industry trends, definition of the market, product description, industry policies and plans, cost structure and manufacturing process of leading manufactures. The report further makes a detailed analysis of various marketing channels pursued by key manufacturers to offer their products and thus gain a foothold in the industry. A perusal of the study offers the major investors a definitive guide on the feasibility analysis of different marketing channels which would help new entrant market players to grow in the market. Also the study would help these investors to know the brand positioning strategies of these manufacturers and up-to-date and accurate market figures in terms of investment return analysis.

Using SWOT analysis the study takes a closer look at the capacity utilization of major buyers and sellers which help them to understand the potentiality of buyers and sellers.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Germany Is Ready To Invest In Multi-Role Defence Systems To Safeguard Its Borders

This week ‘The Wall Street Journal’ reported that Germanyhas finally opted for Medium Extended Air Defence System, developed by Lockheed Martin Corp. The breakthrough defence agreement between the aforesaid company and Germany is valued by eminent research analysts at approximately €4 billion In addition, to missile-defence agreement Germany has earlier revealed its intentions to introduce a cutting –edge defence mechanism including four battleships in the coming four to five years which would account for around $8.9 billion.

Furthermore, in an with ‘Deutsche Welle ‘, Ursula von der Leyen the honourable Defence Minister admitted that Germany’s collaboration with the spy agencies in United States have proved crucial to the security and safety of their Bundeswehr stationed abroad . The defence minister further added that the BND has been working in tandem with NSA on several problems essential for the security of both countries. To top it all, the democrat has plan to visit India and propose the purchase of German – made stealth submarines as well as other European militaryequipment.

Germany has stunned the entire defence market by indicating that it is in favour of collaboration with France on manufacturing a new entry to the tank segment ‘Leopard 2’. At present the defence service has been using the tank model dated 1979, and greying Bundesehr systems is now in obvious focus. Recently Research Beam has added a report titled “Future of the German Defence Industry - Market Attractiveness, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2020.” The report gives a thorough run –through over the market size and share along with data on the forecast for next five years.

Germany is also backing the MKS 180 warships that are expected to be delivered by the end of 2023. These ships are capable of attacking the desired targets on both underwater as well as land and offers paramount aerial protection to all vessels that are within the range of 12 miles.

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Detailed 2013-2019 Surgical Robots Market By A Report On Research Beam

Research Beam has recently added a report titled Surgical Robots Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. The report has been designed with the intent for promoting the value of the driving forces of the robotic industry and opinion study of healthcare robotics market size and share, equipment market and robotic-facilitated minimal invasion medical surgery segment for smarter decision-making. Furthermore, the report accelerates an on –going dialogue in the robotic surgical system, market strategy and major institutions through the promotion of extensive data useful in designing crucial business strategies. The report also offers an ethical guidance and brings to light how growing need for maintaining industry leadership, market alliances and patient awareness would drive the surgical robots segment.

Apart from this the report profiles key market players such as Hansen Medical, Intuitive Surgical, Medrobotics, Freehand, Mako and Accuray among many others to offer a comparative landscape. The report is single – minded in its focus on clinical application for technology in terms of elder assistance, surgical delivery and rehabilitation robots to help business investor’s gauge at the maximally progressive applications. To top it all, the report provides market leaders a tailored approach on intouch platforms that are integrated seamlessly including educational robots, hospital robots and mechanized couriers which would help leading enterprises to move or position their innovation in the international marketplace.

To sum it all up, business investors, product managers, marketing executives and other professionals seeking relevant data to optimize their offerings, executing compelling buyer proposition and enhance their business performance would find the report fruitful.

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All – Terrain Tires Industry Observes Revamping

Earlier this month ‘Kumho Tire Co. Inc. ‘created waves in the tire industry by unveiling the much awaited Road Venture AT51 severe snow certified range and all-weather touring Solus TA11 in United States and Canada. Since a decade the demand for tires manufactured for optimum control both on and off the pavement have increased globally including China. Aggressive styled auto tires and feature improvised thread blocks which easily bites on the ice and hold firmly on the rugged terrain drives the AT tires market in 2015

Features such as waved sipes paired with four groove thread which enables wet traction and paramount handling in cold weather has also observed great demand. Drivers these days want better mileage backed by superior carbon compound design for minimum rolling resistance. Audited suppliers including Qingdao Wangyu Rubber Co., Ltd., Qingdao Rili Tyre Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sinorient Tyre Co., Ltd. and Annaite Tire Co., Limited have catering to the need for all-terrain tires across the globe. A principal element in the popular Dick Capek tire for years now, the Fun Country has stayed a classic inclusion to all – terrain tires.  Apart from this Dick Capek has been busy revamping its tires in an attempt to boost performance attributes both on and off the roads. Recently Research Beam has added a report titled “2015 AT Tires Industry Report Global and Chinese Market.” The report takes a closer look at the global and Chinese AT tires market in terms of cost/profitability, supply and demand, consumption volume, import and export among various other factors. 

To top it all, hot favourite of several truck enthusiasts Toyo Open Country A/T ll has lured many buyers with its thread life, paramount all-weather performance, highly aggressive thread design and comfortable ride. Another introduction, Sierra HD’s all –terrain performance is a finest example of modern workmanship and trusted jack of all trades. In March the BFGoodrich had decided to extend its all – terrain tire range to Toyota Tacoma.  BFGoodrich was spotted explaining that the sipes of it has worked hard to incorporate are three dimensional and can create frigid edges for severe snow. Eyeing such momentum in the all –terrain tires industry the future prospects of the industry looks promising. 


Technology Advancements To Make PAP Tests Safe And Hassle-free

Early this month, the ‘Guided Therapeutics Inc.’ brought into light that its distributor in Bangladesh has backed nearly four contracts for LuViva®. The company adds that the demand has tremendously increased when compared to other nations that have already used the service of LuViva like a triage system to reduce costs and recognize false positives often caused by Prostaticacid phosphatase testing technologies in screening procedures. Furthermore, the Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings declared in June 2015 the availability of LabCorp AccuDraw® that would facilitate the collection and handling of the specimen to its buyers via its company site, i.e. crucial for PAP tests. 

Weill Cornell that has a very strong presence in countries including Turkey, Qatar, Austria, Tanzania, Brazil and Haiti has emerged as the birthplace of an array of several medical development – that consists of the progress in the prostatic acid phosphatase testing technologies for cervical cancer. To top it all, The Memorial Hospital, at Craig has bought a cutting –edge mammography device which can offers a clear, more accurate images – backed by 3-D  technology to be included soon. Apart from this the hospital has made a great progress in screening technology for women in PAP tests for cervical cancer. Recently Research Beam has added a report titled “2015 Prostatic Acid PhosphataseTesting Technologies and Emerging Markets.” The report takes a closer look at the PAP testing industry in countries such as Spain, Japan, France, United States, Germany and Italy among many other countries. 

Besides, advancements in the testing technologies the partnership agreement between The Algoma Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic and The Neighbourhood Resource Centre, aims to bring to many an open and hassle-free access to safe PAP or screening test. Health officials across the globe emphasise on PAP test for women around 22 years or above, every year. Eyeing the technology developments and partnerships taking place in the prostatic acid phosphatase testing technology market, its future looks promising.