Monday, 22 June 2015

All – Terrain Tires Industry Observes Revamping

Earlier this month ‘Kumho Tire Co. Inc. ‘created waves in the tire industry by unveiling the much awaited Road Venture AT51 severe snow certified range and all-weather touring Solus TA11 in United States and Canada. Since a decade the demand for tires manufactured for optimum control both on and off the pavement have increased globally including China. Aggressive styled auto tires and feature improvised thread blocks which easily bites on the ice and hold firmly on the rugged terrain drives the AT tires market in 2015

Features such as waved sipes paired with four groove thread which enables wet traction and paramount handling in cold weather has also observed great demand. Drivers these days want better mileage backed by superior carbon compound design for minimum rolling resistance. Audited suppliers including Qingdao Wangyu Rubber Co., Ltd., Qingdao Rili Tyre Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sinorient Tyre Co., Ltd. and Annaite Tire Co., Limited have catering to the need for all-terrain tires across the globe. A principal element in the popular Dick Capek tire for years now, the Fun Country has stayed a classic inclusion to all – terrain tires.  Apart from this Dick Capek has been busy revamping its tires in an attempt to boost performance attributes both on and off the roads. Recently Research Beam has added a report titled “2015 AT Tires Industry Report Global and Chinese Market.” The report takes a closer look at the global and Chinese AT tires market in terms of cost/profitability, supply and demand, consumption volume, import and export among various other factors. 

To top it all, hot favourite of several truck enthusiasts Toyo Open Country A/T ll has lured many buyers with its thread life, paramount all-weather performance, highly aggressive thread design and comfortable ride. Another introduction, Sierra HD’s all –terrain performance is a finest example of modern workmanship and trusted jack of all trades. In March the BFGoodrich had decided to extend its all – terrain tire range to Toyota Tacoma.  BFGoodrich was spotted explaining that the sipes of it has worked hard to incorporate are three dimensional and can create frigid edges for severe snow. Eyeing such momentum in the all –terrain tires industry the future prospects of the industry looks promising. 


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