Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Consumers Have Soft Corner For Touchscreen Phones!

We presumably own about two to four smartphones nowadays, and that may involve handing out your old QWERTY to your Dad. It’s true, as the sensor -on – cover smartphones are taking over the traditional cellular phones rapidly.

An article published in ‘CNET’ reported that nearly 65 % of the population in United States by 2015 would have a smartphone. The article further indicates that over two hundred million people would own smartphones with email, gaming, video –messaging, web browsing and texting features thus making the traditional cellular phones extraneous.

This has got many smartphone brands pretty much on track to set a new standard in this era of wireless phones. But while you may be able to simply bank on the all new LG G4 or get the next BlackBerry Leap, because they have a half-decent audio codec or camera lens, there are many wonderful smartphone segments manufacturers focus on; the popular being touchscreen .

The touchscreens have emerged as one of the rapidly-growing display segment since Apple in 2007 curtain raised the iPhone. The company has never looked back since then! In addition, the launch of BlackBerry Leap touch-screen smartphone shows the company is really in for some serious business. In April the much awaited news about Microsoft Office came as a relief when the company announced that the suite apps would be touchscreen friendly. Users believe that they can now use an array of application with ease.

This year the mobile phone giant Nokia too choose to rewind and modernise its Snake game for touchscreen devices and lure the whole new generation of consumers and players.  While popular brands are busy upgrading their touchscreen features companies like OnePlus has finally addressed various touchscreen issues plaguing since its launch.

According to a recent report by Research Beam besides advancements in the touchscreen sector, inventions in RF power amplifier market, power management IC and camera lens too have given consumers a kind of buzz. The research companies add that popular smartphone companies are busy doing something right; riding on innovative design coattails and promising more explosive features to plan their expansion.

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