Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Demand For Quality And Safe Food Is Expected To Trigger Growth In The Microbiology Testing Market By 2015

In May the ‘Tulsa World’ reported that ‘Blue Bell ‘has entered into an agreement with the public health officials in Alabama. Earlier the brand’s ice cream had been associated with ten listeria sicknesses across four states, while three succumbed to the illness in Kansas. The growing demand in food and beverage industry globally to ensure quality and safe items has persuaded top brands to embrace microbiology testing solution. Microbiology testing comprises of series of actions action taken by enterprises to ensure the production of safe food products. 

Furthermore, safety is a matter of concern in industries including the food and beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies as well as personal care industry. All of these have led to the growth of the microbiology testing market which is now expanding and has emerged as the second great diagnostic industry after the clinical diagnostic sector that occupies the first place in terms of test volume as well as industry value. Several manufacturing units across the globe carry out various test annually, which is now increasing by leaps and bounds. 

The demand for consumer items is increasing with the growing population and has triggered the need for safety and quality testing across the globe. In addition to everyone’s surprise the microbiology testing market is still not disturbed or affected by the existing economic problems worldwide. The industry segment is way complicated, but with different testing requirements as well as government regulation there is a great variation in its progress across industry sectors and countries. 

Last week ‘Gizmodo’ reported that brewing companies are favouring DNA-testing to make beer ensure a safe drinking experience. To top it all, recently Research Beam has added a report titled “Microbiology Testing Market 2015: Strategic Assessments of Leading Suppliers.” The report focuses on the business technologies, business data, product portfolio and top enterprises in the aforesaid market. 

Lastly, with production units favouring sanitizing, revision of testing policies and upgrading the staff training initiatives the future of the microbiology testing market looks promising. 

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