Monday, 22 June 2015

The Commercial Drone Market Gets Fuelled By Significant Changes

This month a news article published in the 'Star Tribune' made Amazon's intention to use commercial drones in order to deliver the packages in just thirty minutes clear, while the lawmakers plan to raise safety concerns over it. Furthermore, in another instance statistics reveal that the drone market in California is observing tremendous growth with companies like 3D Robotics Inc. deciding on marketing mini-helicopters backed with cameras, whirling propellers as well as sensors that creates buzzing sounds similar to the angry hornets. The company is expected to sell around thousands of these unmanned pizza-sized robots for approximately $1000 each – locally and overseas in 2015.

Besides California, the commercial drone segment has taken off rapidly in Iowa. To everyone's surprise in the nation, the FAA has recognized nearly four hundred and ninety seven exemptions last month that has finally paved way for the usage of more and more commercial drone. Additionally in January three seniors at a university in Kenya started operation out of their home to introduce Adriana Pro Films to the entire world. The start-up by the trio specialized in producing Ariel video advertisements at an astonishing $500 and capture the glassy infrastructure, lush green developments in the neighbourhood and luxury resorts or hotels – with only a remote control drone bought on board. Recently Research Beam has added a report titled " Commercial Drones: Highways in the Sky, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021."The report takes a closer look at the key market drivers, opportunities, value chain analysis, manufacturing technology and challenges in the commercial drone industry across the globe.

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To top it all, Airware the popular OS developer for drones created waves in May when it announced the roll -out of funds of venture fund to support budding entrepreneurs developing technologies important for scaling the usage of commercial drone across an array of industrial applications. Eyeing such a great momentum in the drone segment the future prospects of the market looks promising.

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